Green Mountain & Hayden Trail Loop (3.2 miles)

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Green Mountain & Hayden Trail Loop (3.2 miles)
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The Green Mountain & Hayden Trail Loop is a 3.2-mile loop trail in Lakewood, Colorado. The area is a hilly natural space nestled among urban sprawl that features a gravel parking lot and a series of popular trails. The loop ascends 600+ feet of a grassy bald and then weaves its way back to the parking lot. That said, the hike is easy-to-moderate.

I hiked the loop counter-clockwise with a dog and was rewarded with views of downtown Denver as soon as I reached the summit. Then the trail meanders the contour of the hill/mountain before winding over a few other hills and valleys. You eventually see the trail to the parking area and make your way back down.

This is a fun little place to get some exercise or walk your pets that is close to the city while still feeling like you’re out in nature. There is no shade, so bring some sunscreen. And heed the rattlesnake warnings.


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Green Mountain & Hayden Trail Loop (3.2 miles)
 (Rating: 5/5, 1 Votes)

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