Video—11 Days on the John Muir Trail

Video—11 Days on the John Muir Trail
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Read about my complete John Muir Trail experience, including prep, gear, logistics, and post-hike impressions.

I’ve published summaries and pictures of each day of my John Muir Trail (JMT) thru-hike, but I shot more videos than photos. I finally got around to combining them into a film.

I mostly shot 2–5 second glances of the scenery. In my mind, this would add up to a 15–20 minute film about my time on the trail. Well, I had nearly 1400 photos and short videos by the time I was done as well as several longer clips. The result is a 68-minute film that follows every mile of my hike on the John Muir Trail.

Watching this film will give you an idea of the daily challenges and rewards of the trail. You’ll get to witness all of the ups and downs of my time in the wilderness, both literally and figuratively.

Daily breakdowns

If you’re interested in just seeing certain sections of the trail, use the links below to skip straight to those parts. Video links will open in new windows. This film, in conjunction with my pre-hike prep posts and post-hike summaries, should give you the knowledge necessary to plan your own adventure.

Video recapsWritten recaps
Watch at 0:07 ↗JMT Day 0—Exploring Yosemite Valley (8 miles)
Watch at 2:01 ↗JMT Day 1—Tuolumne Meadows to Kuna Creek (10.1 miles)
Watch at 4:16 ↗JMT Day 2—Kuna Creek to Red's Meadow (26.2 miles)
Watch at 6:58 ↗JMT Day 3—Red's Meadow to Tully Hole (18.9 miles)
Watch at 16:41 ↗JMT Day 4—Tully Hole to Bear Creek (17.3 miles)
Watch at 23:16 ↗JMT Day 5—Bear Creek to Muir Trail Ranch (11.5 miles)
Watch at 27:39 ↗JMT Day 6—Muir Trail Ranch to Starr Camp (25 miles)
Watch at 36:23 ↗JMT Day 7—Starr Camp to Palisade Lakes (18 miles)
Watch at 41:19 ↗JMT Day 8—Palisade Lakes to Woods Creek (18.9 miles)
Watch at 49:44 ↗JMT Day 9—Woods Creek to Forester Pass (16.2 miles)
Watch at 57:34 ↗JMT Day 10—Forester Pass to Guitar Lake (20.7 miles)
Watch at 1:03:29 ↗JMT Day 11—Guitar Lake to Mt Whitney Portal (13.7 miles)

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Video—11 Days on the John Muir Trail
 (Rating: 5/5, 4 Votes)

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