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Opossum Creek Falls

Opossum Creek Falls is a 50-foot waterfall in upstate South Carolina. The waterfall is upstream from the convergence with the Chattooga River, meaning that this is near the state border with Georgia. The... READ MORE

Clear Creek Trail

The Clear Creek Trail is part of a 24-mile trail system that crisscrosses Golden, Colorado. The most attractive part of the trail parallels both banks of Clear Creek that runs through downtown Golden.... READ MORE

Bald Rock

Bald Rock is a roadside attraction off Highway 276 in upstate South Carolina. It’s above Jones Gap and below Caesars Head State Park. There is room for a dozen cars to park on... READ MORE

Caesars Head Spring

Caesars Head Spring is a natural source for mineral water in upstate South Carolina. Like Moody Spring, it’s a roadside resource for anyone who wants to wet their lips. The spring is on... READ MORE

Riley Moore Falls

Riley Moore Falls is a great place to waste a summer day. The area features a natural, sandy beach and plenty of room to spread out and play in the Chauga River. The... READ MORE


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