• A view from below the falls
  • A view of the Liberty Bridge walkway
  • A view of the falls
  • A view of the Liberty Bridge cables
  • A view of the Liberty Bridge from aobe the falls
  • A view of the old trolley bridge

Falls Park (Greenville, SC)

Falls Park (Greenville, SC)
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Falls Park in downtown Greenville, South Carolina is one of the reasons I moved there. It shows the kind of vision that I sought from community leaders before relocating. I even wrote an editorial for the paper describing the reasons for my move, which the editors subtly held for print until the day before the local elections.

Falls Park surrounds a 28-foot waterfall on the site where Greenville’s first European settler, Richard Pearis, established his trading post in 1768. The main feature of the park is the Liberty Bridge, a pedestrian suspension bridge spanning the Reedy River that is unlike any other in the United States. The Swamp Rabbit Trail runs through the park directly beneath the bridge, making it a high traffic area year-round. In the warmer months, the grounds are filled with picnic blankets, playing children, and scores of ducks. There are countless photos of Falls Park in full bloom. Instead, I give you blurry cell phone pictures of Falls Park in the show.

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If you’re planning to picnic while you’re there, there are some cool picnic packs these days. They seem easier to carry around downtown than a wicker basket filled with food and ants.


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Falls Park (Greenville, SC)
 (Rating: 5/5, 1 Votes)

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