Discovery Falls & Log Hollow Falls

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After visiting Wintergreen Falls in DuPont State Forest earlier on Sunday morning, I hung out in Brevard until the rain let up. Then I visited Discovery Falls and Log Hollow Falls off FS 475B (also known as Headwaters Road) in Pisgah National Forest.

This is a great little hike because there are 4 waterfalls in close proximity to one another. The week’s worth of rain had ended the drought, so I thought I should knock out some of the shorter waterfall hikes I’ve been avoiding in search of bigger miles.

The map below will take you to the logging road gate on FS 475B that doubles as the trailhead. Park anywhere as long as you don’t block the gate or the road. During the colder months, the gate may be locked close to the northern end of FS 475B where it intersects US 276, not far from Pink Beds Loop, and you’ll have to walk to the Seinard Ridge Trail gate.

The Log Hollow Creek area (near the Seniard Ridge Trail) is probably the easiest hiking you can do. Plus, the location is pretty secluded. You get the occasional camper or mountain biker in the area, but it’s pretty sparse, human-wise.

Walk about a quarter mile and you’ll get to a wooden bridge. Just before the bridge, you’ll see a trail on your right. This goes up the hill to Discovery Falls. I didn’t take this trail because it was too muddy and I was afraid the bottom would fall out of the storm at any moment. I’ll get back there one day soon and update this post with a picture.

Once back on the gravel road, walk another quarter mile. Just as you get to the second bridge, you’ll see the 25-foot cascade of Log Hollow Falls. You can’t miss it. To the left of the falls (as you’re looking at it), you’ll see a trail that takes you to an upper cascade that you can’t see from the street. Once again, I didn’t take this trail because of the mud.

After Log Hollow Falls, walk another half mile or so and you’ll see Logging Road Falls. I’m not sure that name is official. Apparently, this 50-foot cascade only flows when it’s recently been raining. Otherwise, it’s just a rocky outcropping.

On the walk between Log Hollow Falls and Logging Road Falls, look to the left. If the leaves are off of the trees, you’ll get a great view of Looking Glass Rock.

You can keep walking if you’re out for some exercise, but those are the spectacles along the road. All four waterfalls are accessed from one parking spot and can be seen in a little over an hour. That makes for a great little stroll in the woods.

If you want to change it up, you can take a slightly different route back to your car. Walk back to Log Hollow Falls. With your back to the falls, look just to the right of the bridge and you’ll see a trail. Follow this trail slightly downhill and over a downed tree. You’ll pop out at a great campsite. This is a good place to take a break. Continue in the same direction past the fire ring and you’ll exit the trail back at 475B


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