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Looking Glass Falls

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Looking Glass Falls is an attraction right off US 276 near Brevard, North Carolina. It’s a very popular tourist spot in the summer because of the on-site parking and the very short path that runs beneath the falls. As a matter of fact, the whole Sliding Rock area becomes a series of swimming holes when it’s hot enough. Cars will line the narrow street and you’ll wonder what everyone is checking out that you’re missing. I’ll save you the trouble; they’re shivering on rocks in the woods, wondering why it’s so cold in the deep shade of the river valley.

You can’t miss the sign for the falls, but you might have to park far away if it’s crowded. If you do get a spot, you’ll have just a short and easy trek to both view the falls from a distance and walk beneath them. You can reach out and touch the wall of water. Kids love this. It’s a fun place to stop, but you’ll probably spend more time maneuvering your car in and out of your parking space than you’ll spend with your boots on the ground. If it has recently rained and the falls and really raging, you might want to bring an umbrella.

This is a great attraction in the wintertime because you can practically pull right up to the falls.


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