Mount Galbraith Loop (4 miles)

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Mount Galbraith Loop (4 miles)
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Mount Galbraith Loop is a 4-mile trail that circles the summit of Mt Galbraith in Golden, Colorado. It’s technically a lasso hike, meaning that you take part of the trail to the loop and then backtrack to the parking lot.

There is limited parking at the Cedar Gulch Parking Lot, so you may end up parking on the street above or below the lot. There is a privy in the lot, but no running water. Bring your own hand sanitizer.

I hit this trail around 10:00 am on a Sunday and it was very crowded. I hiked it clockwise because the southern half of the loop is more exposed than the northern half. I wanted to get the unshaded portions behind me before the sun reached its zenith.

It can be easy to miss the intersection of the approach trail and the loop. There is a large tree on the right that provides ample shade. Both times I passed this point, there were people sitting at the intersection blocking the pathway if I had wanted to do the loop counter-clockwise.

There’s not much to say about the hike other than to say it is 2 miles up and 2 miles back down. There are switchbacks when necessary and every climb offers a reprieve after not too long.

I would rate this trail as moderate since it climbs less than a thousand feet, but someone very out of shape or afraid of rocky cliffs may deem it strenuous. Trekking poles are very helpful for the downhill steps and scrambles. They’re even more helpful if you cross paths with any snakes on the trail.

The hike features beautiful views of downtown Golden.


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Mount Galbraith Loop (4 miles)
 (Rating: 5/5, 3 Votes)

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