Settler’s Park

Settler’s Park
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Settler’s Park is a public hiking and picnic area in Boulder, Colorado. It’s connected to downtown via the pedestrian-friendly Boulder Creek Path and features a parking lot for cars. The most popular trail in the park is Red Rocks Loop, which is just under a mile long. The aptly named trail features red, rocky outcroppings and scenic views of Boulder Valley.

The park has an interesting backstory.

Settlers’ Park was named after the first American prospectors who camped in this area during the 1858-1859 winter. Upon his arrival at Ft. Saint Vrain 40 miles east, Thomas Aikins—a Missouri farmer with an eye for riches—surveyed the Boulder foothills noting the “mountains looked right for gold”.

He broke from his Cherry Creek-bound party with a group of 24 men and pitched tents beneath the area’s iconic rock formations on October 17, 1858.

The men succeeded on January 12, 1859 with a large find worth $100,000—a fortune at the time. An influx of settlers followed, cabins were built, sawmills erected and Boulder quickly grew into a bona fide mining town.

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Settler’s Park
 (Rating: 5/5, 2 Votes)

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