Craggy Gardens

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Craggy Gardens is an attraction in Pisgah National Forest just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. It’s nestled between Asheville and Mt Mitchell, so it’s easy to add to your day trip itinerary. There are 2 different parking lots that connect via short trails. The main parking lot includes restrooms and a visitors center. It’s visible in a photo of the road above.

Just north of this location is another parking lot and picnic area with easier access to the high overlook. This is where I parked and where the map point below will take you.

I’m categorizing this as an attraction rather than a trail/hike because it’s the kind of place where you park the car and let everyone stretch their legs for 15 minutes. There’s nothing to plan for in terms of physicality or gear. The area features tunnels of rhododendron and craggy rocks that are fun to scramble over. Scenic overlooks are scattered throughout hills and there are people, kids, and pets everywhere.

Bring a picnic and break up your Blue Ridge Parkway Drive at Craggy Gardens.

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