Eastatoe Falls

Eastatoe Falls
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Eastatoe Falls is a 60-foot cascade waterfall on private property off Hwy 178 just south of Rosmon, NC. The landowners are very gracious to allow visitors to drop by the site. Please be respectful by visiting during daylight hours and following Leave No Trace principles.

Navigate to the map point below. The road is called Dinkins Lane and there’s a sign that reads, “Mountain Meadows.” The road is a causeway between two man-made ponds. Drive down the gravel road and to the right of the house. You’ll see a small, white, wooden sign indicating the parking area. There’s enough room for a few cars. If there are a lot of cars parked here, it might be polite to leave and come back another time.

Walk through the grass directly behind the sign. Follow the sound of the waterfall. As the woods close in, a trail will emerge. You’ll see the cascade through the trees. There’s a good photo area at the base of the falls, but the uphill trail takes you up to a staircase and basin that provides an even better view. The walk from your car to the falls might be 150 yards.

This is one of those waterfalls where a photo doesn’t do it justice. So I took this short film of the cascade. The light was perfect.


If this was a public attraction, I’d say you should bring bathing suits and a picnic and spend a summer afternoon here. But since it’s someone’s backyard, I’m not sure that’s appropriate. If you bring anything, it should be insect repellant.

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Make a day of it

Since this is such a quick visit, you might want to make it part of a larger adventure. This was the last waterfall of an all-day loop that went from Greenville, SC to Rosmon, NC to Brevard, NC and back to Greenville, SC. The loop featured the following attractions:

  1. Wildcat Branch Falls
  2. Carrick Creek Road Falls
  3. Carrick Creek Falls
  4. Twin Falls
  5. Eastatoe Narrows
  6. Eastatoe Falls
  7. The Hub & Pisgah Tavern (beers)
  8. Pretty Place Chapel

Use the map points on each post to create your own loop.


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Eastatoe Falls
 (Rating: 5/5, 2 Votes)

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