Little River Canyon

Little River Canyon
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Little River Canyon is a national park near Fort Payne in northeast Alabama. It is a truly impressive preserve that features a river valley flanked by stone cliff faces. There isn’t an extensive trail system in the area; it’s more of a choose your own adventure sort of place. As you can imagine, the area is popular for tourists, swimmers, kayakers, and rock climbers.

There is a short trail that connects Little River Falls with Martha’s Falls downriver. There’s nothing strenuous about the hike but the rocks are slippery when wet. Judging from the size of the parking lots, the ubiquitous litter on the ground, and the evidence of fire damage, I’m guessing the area is very popular in the summer months.

Most people explore the canyon via car. There is a highway that runs along the rim with many pull-offs featuring overlooks and wildlife viewing. The visitor center offers free maps and the ranger on duty was kind enough to answer all of my questions. After hiking around the falls, I hopped in my car and visited the best spots. I even hiked the short Beaver Pond Loop. Spoiler alert—there is no pond.

This is a beautiful area that I’d like to explore more thoroughly. The ranger mentioned something about the designated campsites being temporarily closed, so you should check into that before scheduling your visit. I left to try to squeeze in the Walls Of Jericho before sunset.

Once again, my Outdoor Research Helium II Rain Jacket came in handy as I hiked through a drizzle. My trekking poles helped me to safely navigate the slick riverbed. I listened to the audiobook, Age of Myth, while I explored the area.


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Little River Canyon
 (Rating: 5/5, 1 Votes)

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