UHT Day 5—Scudder Lake to Mirror Lake

UHT Day 5—Scudder Lake to Mirror Lake
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Read about my complete Uinta Highline Trail experience, including prep, gear, logistics, and post-hike impressions.

We woke up feeling fresh and backtracked along the Uinta Highline Trail. We could have taken the Mirror Lake trail, but we went all the way to the parking lot so we could drive straight from Mirror Lake the next morning. I had promised my girlfriend before the trip that we would have time to play around the water. And even though we camped near water every night, it was cold and we were tired. I wanted this day to be a play day and it was.

We dropped by Provo River Falls and then made our way to Mirror Lake. We hiked 2/3 of the way around the lake (clockwise) until we got to a flat peninsula with a fire ring. We didn’t know if primitive camping was allowed so close to the water, so we used our gear to claim the space but didn’t actually set up a tent until closer to sunset.

We spent the whole afternoon playing in and around the water. It was funny to see people bundled up from head to toe in cold weather gear while we sunned ourselves on the rocks. I even waded into the water to fly fish with my Tenkara rod for a while. I didn’t catch anything, but I had fun nonetheless.

People weren’t shy about talking to us. There’s something about backpackers that fascinates day-hikers. They wanted to know how long we had been out, what all we had seen, and what wildlife we had encountered. Everyone asks about weapons and bears for some reason. We enjoyed meeting new people and looked forward to one last blast before heading back into civilization.

We were asleep not long after sunset and the temperature dropped to just above freezing. Knowing the car was on the other side of the lake was a big motivator in rousing us at 5:00 to hike out and turn on the heat.

We drove out of the wilderness very slowly and narrowly avoided hitting two elk cows. We made it to Salt Lake City in time for breakfast and spent the next two days eating, drinking, and alternating between the pool and hot tub.


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UHT Day 5—Scudder Lake to Mirror Lake
 (Rating: 5/5, 4 Votes)

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