Slick Rock Falls

Slick Rock Falls
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Slick Rock Falls is a 35-foot plunge waterfall below the south face of Looking Glass Rock on FS 475B, also known as Headwaters Road. You can see the falls from the gravel road, but you’ll need to walk up the hill to get a closer look.

I should note that the FS 475B gate is closed on the northern and southern ends during the colder months. You’ll need to park near the southern gate (GPS) near the Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education and walk the mile or so to the trailhead. There are official campsites opposite the falls. That’s because Slickrock Trail is the pathway rock climbers use to access the south face.

During the warmer months, the area is filled with climbers and their friends. Even if you’ve just come to see the falls, it’s worth walking the 3/4 mile trail to the rock face. But be careful; it can be easy to lose the trail near the cliff. Look for the yellow blazes.

I’m categorizing this as an attraction, a trail, and a waterfall because you can do as little or as much as you want here. I hiked it in winter and had to park outside the gate. That made it a 3½ mile out-and-back hike from the road to the rock wall and back again. But in the summer months, you could simply drive to the waterfall and take a picture from the passenger window.

That said, I highly recommend that you pack a picnic lunch, hike the trail all the way to the rock face, and watch the climbers do their thing.


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Slick Rock Falls
 (Rating: 5/5, 1 Votes)

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