King Creek Falls

King Creek Falls
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King Creek Falls is one of many waterfalls in the Oconee district of Sumter National Forest. It’s off of highway 107 near the intersection of GA, NC, and SC, and is a tributary of the Chattooga River. The whole area is a treasure trove of natural resources. You can easily stitch together loop hikes of varying lengths. I really can’t recommend this area enough. There is the Chattooga Trail, which is a 15-mile trail of moderate difficulty that follows the river. Then there’s the Foothills Trail that is 67 miles and covers some of the same area. Peppered in between these two long trails are smaller day hikes that take you to river access and majestic falls.

I’ve added the GPS location for Burrell’s Ford Road below, but be sure to screenshot the trail directions since there is very limited cell service in the area and none in the valley. When you turn off of Hwy 107 and onto Burrells Ford Road, you’ll have to drive a couple of miles down a gravel road. It’s pretty wide and flat, so any car will be fine. Eventually, you’ll come to a parking lot on the left by a locked gate. There is ample parking and the lot features a privy. The entire area is pack in/pack out.

King Creek Falls is a really short hike from the parking lot. To get to the falls, you simply walk past the gate and down the gravel road. In a few hundred yards, you’ll come to an information board next to a campsite with a picnic table and fire ring. The trail for the falls is on the same road (go straight at the fork, not right) a little past the camp area. You’ll see a marker a few steps off the road on the left.

This is a fun little hike. It’s maybe a half mile to the falls over mostly flat terrain. People were doing this with little toddlers when I was there. The only real concern is slipping on the damp rocks and roots close to the falls. The payoff for such a short hike is great. There is a 70-foot waterfall with a wading pool and natural beach. You could bring a picnic and stay all day as long as you don’t mind getting your feet wet. The mist in the air acts like natural air conditioning and the opening in the canopy allows for lots of sunlight. It’s a great attraction.

All in all, this is around a two-mile out-and-back from the parking lot. You can choose to visit other falls in the area or call it a day. This is right up the road from Big Bend Falls. The Foothills Trail connects the two. Winding Stairs Trail is nearby as well. If you don’t mind driving, Whitewater Falls, Hiker’s Peril Falls, and Silver Run Falls are not too far away. This is a really great area that is rarely crowded.

Moody Spring is on Hwy 107 just north of the turn-off for the falls. Take a few water bottles and fill up while you’re there. I learned about this hike from the book, Waterfall Hikes of Upstate South Carolina.


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King Creek Falls
 (Rating: 5/5, 1 Votes)

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